Contest prep live

We have structured this program to meet the needs of competitive athletes or those who have this path as a medium / long term perspective. We prepare for a competitive route also through other modes, but this program is created specifically for this purpose. After compiling the medical history there will be a first live meeting where we will perform plicometry, BIA and we will do a preparation plan to bring the athlete in the competition on the established day (weight, category, kg to lose / gain, BF to reach etc.). We point out right away that we do not accept athletes who could not prepare for health in the established weeks. Trying hardly sustainable preparations is not part of our modus operandi. Only athletes actually ready for preparation for the competition will therefore be taken.

There will be the possibility to have a call via chat (on whatsapp) every day, to clarify doubts, send videos of the exercises, exchange feedback and change some parameters in progress. The data report will be done using the application where the athlete will also find the training and feeding programs for each day. Every weekend there will be the possibility to make a phone call or Skype 30-45 ‘where you will take stock of the situation, we will try to understand what went well or not, all the doubts of the case will be clarified and it will be decided how to move the following week. Based on this call, the programs for the following week will be sent.

Every month there will be a live check and a PT in the gym in order to work on the motor patterns and improve muscle activation on each muscle district (usually will give precedence to those lacking). Here we will go to select a muscle group and give you exercises and tips to improve the mind-muscle connection. We will teach you how to set it up and keep it throughout your workout. The athlete will receive the eBook: Coaching Guide containing all the most important theoretical bases for training and nutrition, in order to be autonomous in many circumstances. In live mode, you will also receive the Team shirt. The athlete will also enjoy posing lessons for the main categories (Men’sPhysique, Classic Physique, Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figures, Body Fitness etc ..). We will come to this assisted by the main national experts in the sector.


12 weeks


24 weeks





Before starting any of these programs there will be a telephone appointment. This will allow us to understand the initial situation, clarify any doubts, assess if there are the basic conditions and be able to adapt the program to you. Once you have chosen the program and the package, do not hesitate to contact us to find out our timetable and make an appointment!